older adults are leading change


Road Map

An interactive model for planning an older adult–led community change strategy

Drawing on success in dozens of rural, suburban, and urban communities across the nation, this guide shares practical advice on planning and building community change efforts led by older adults. It outlines the key concepts you should consider and describes the steps you will likely need to take to succeed with this work in your own community and working on your own issue. It has been developed for program planners, project managers, and collaborators responsible for day-to-day implementation.

roadmap-600-3The Road Map is not meant to be prescriptive. Your project must fit within the unique situation in your community, and the decisions that shape your work must be yours. We summarize practices that have worked well for others and share free resources others have found useful—on-the-ground stories, videos, handbooks, articles, templates, and other tools. Pick and choose the elements that resonate in your community, and remember that one of the strengths of this strategy is that it is flexible enough to work in many contexts and on a wide range of issues.

There are four sections of the Road Map. Understand more about what it takes to do this work successfully in Getting Ready. Then, lay the groundwork for a successful effort in Assessment; design and plan a successful initiative in Strategy; and put your plan into action in Implementation.

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