older adults are leading change


Interpret and Share Knowledge


Consider what you’ve learned from your research and data analysis. Talk about the findings with collaborators, and explore the take-aways. Share the key findings with the larger community. Bring people together to discuss the implications, activate interest, and generate ideas. Discover what this means to people, how the findings resonate with the community and with older adults, and how much enthusiasm there is for embracing a challenge. Interpret this information and decide: Where do we go from here?

Effective Practices for Interpreting and Sharing Knowledge

Understand what you’ve learned.

Discuss the findings. Bring people together who were involved in your assessment. Consider the implications of your research.

Identify assets and opportunities for strengthening engagement among people 55+.

Brainstorm possible approaches.

Develop recommendations for moving forward. If a distinct path isn’t clear, or capacity is an issue, convene stakeholders and narrow the options together.

Disseminate findings.

Develop plans to share key findings with the community.

Create a report and publish (to some degree) your findings.

Engage the community in a conversation about the implications.


Free guides and tools you may find useful include sample Assessment reports from other communities; Assessment work plans and timelines; a guide; Beyond the Mainstream and other publications that explore older adult community engagement; and more.

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